A Successful First Impression – 4 Unbeatable Job Interview Tips

First impressions happen quickly, usually in a matter of secondsand even before you say the word “hello.” And those first impressions tell people a little about who you are. The first few moments of a meeting identify whether you’re trustworthy, charismatic, intelligent, or on an upward leadership trajectory.

Of course, first impressions aren’t everything. People change their minds when they get better information. So the first few seconds of your interview shouldn’t define the half-hour conversation. But it would help if you kept those first few seconds in mind when you plan for your interview.

How can you make an accurate first impression? You can use these four science-backed tips to get started.

1. Find a Great Interview Wardrobe 

The clothes don’t make the person, but they do spark a positive first impression. One Canadian studyfound that people who dressed in business attire believed the wearer was a competent worker on an upward trajectory to their next promotion.

Our advice? Find one great interview outfit that allows you to dress for the job you want. Then, move on to tip #2!

2. Wear Clothes Tailored to Your Look

A well-fitted interview outfit can elevate your interviewer’s first impression of you. Inone study from 2013, participants looked at photos of men in suits and decided which subjects looked more successful. They almost always chose the men with tailored suits.

You don’t need a custom suit or bespoke outfit to go to an interview. Instead, take the outfit that makes you feel most confident and head over to a tailor or clothing alteration business to make a few easy adjustments and find the best fit.

3. Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact early and naturally can communicate that you’re a smart communicator!A 2007 studyfound that something as simple as eye contact makes others believe you are intelligent.

For some of us, making eye contact with strangers is easier said than done, especially after a year of minimizing social contacts. The best thing you can do is go out and practice. Make eye contact with the Starbucks cashier, say hello to neighbors you don’t know, and put in more effort to make eye contact on Zoom or video calls.

4. Use Your Body Language

Open body languagetells others that you are powerful and occupying a space you deserve to be in. Standing or sitting up straight, moving your shoulder blades down your body, and slowing your breathing not only help you feel relaxed but project the right image to those around you.

Start Your Next Interview Off Strong in a Few Seconds

First impressions happen in the blink of an eye, but you can help people form better impressions of you by projecting the strong, intelligent person you know you are. Then, your interview’s first impression and second impression will be more closely aligned, giving them a fuller picture of why you could be a good fit for the job.

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5 Benefits Video Interviews Can Bring to Your IT Talent Search

The practices and technologies that drive the hiring process are constantly changing. As new communication technologies become commonplace, it’s critical for employers and job seekers alike to be able to quickly integrate them into their search for their next star employee, or for their next role. Video interviews are a prime example of an emergent communication technology that is changing the hiring process across the IT industry. Rather than having candidates come into the office for a face-to-face interview, an increasing number of employers are opting to have their prospective employees submit recorded responses to a set of predetermined questions. In this way, they’re able to cut back on the time, resources, and energy that is usually spent finding the perfect candidate.  

By integrating video interviews into your recruitment and hiring process, you can greatly increase your chances of quickly getting in touch with talented employees. 

Here are five major benefits of conducting video interviews:  

1. Accelerates your hiring process.

Finding time for a prospective employee to come into the office for an interview can be a long and frustrating process. Asking candidates to record and submit their responses to a set of questions, on the other hand, can dramatically cut back on the time that is taken up by introductions, small-talk, and travel by traditional in-person interviews.

2. Enables you to screen more candidates.

Most hiring managers out there will have found themselves in the awkward position of being less than one minute into an interview and realizing that a candidate isn’t a good fit for a particular role. Video interviews allow hiring managers to quickly assess a candidate’s suitability and quickly move on to the next applicant if it’s quickly determined that there isn’t a fit. 

3. Brings consistency to the interview process.

Even when hiring managers go into an interview with a list of questions, in-person conversations can quickly become sidetracked into other topics. All too often, the result is that candidates end up providing responses to different questions. By asking your applicants to record and submit their responses to a consistent set of questions, you’ll be ensuring that you receive equally consistent and comparable responses. 

4. It allows candidates to be more relaxed.

Meeting with an employer in person for an interview can be a stressful experience for a candidate. Even if their experience and skills make them a great fit, having to sit across a table from a hiring manager can make often make a candidate flustered and nervous. Answering questions in front of a webcam, however, is a far less daunting prospect – particularly when applicants are allowed to record multiple takes until they’re satisfied with their responses.  

5. Quickly screens out technologically-impaired candidates.

It’s important for any employer in the IT industry to quickly eliminate candidates who aren’t able to follow basic technological instructions. Recording and submitting responses to a video interview is by no means challenging (to most candidates), but there will be some who will be either too lazy or too perplexed to carry out the task, and they will be left in the wake of other, more competent candidates.

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