The Role of a Procurement Buyer in IT

The role of a procurement buyer in IT is essential for success. The buyer is responsible for sourcing, purchasing, and negotiating the best deals for IT goods and services a company needs to operate effectively. This professional might purchase the goods and services outright, contract out to a third-party supplier, or use a combination of these methods.

A procurement buyer in IT researches appropriate vendors, evaluates the bids and proposals, chooses the best options, and negotiates the best rates. The buyer also follows up to ensure proper delivery of the goods and services while maintaining compliance.

The role of a procurement buyer in IT 

Procurement Buyer Education and Certification

A procurement buyer in IT typically has a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or engineering. Some jobs require a master’s degree in business management or supply chain management.

Industry certification and experience with purchasing contracts and materials procurement can be beneficial. Certification in additional systems provides additional opportunities to become a procurement buyer in IT.

Procurement Buyer Experience

A procurement buyer in IT might start working in a related role, such as supply chain management. Then, this professional can use their skills and experience to transition to a position as a procurement buyer.

Strong financial management skills and knowledge of accounting, pricing, logistics, and contract law are helpful. Participation in additional training opportunities with industry platforms and services also can be beneficial.

Find a Procurement Buyer Job in IT

RightStone is looking for a Sourcing Specialist (Buying/Procurement) in Houston, TX. The job duties include:

  • Management of supplier relationships for purchase order execution
  • Overseeing and resolving issues and schedule changes
  • Updating the ERP system
  • Actively contributing to the development of proposals to enhance the approaches, methods, processes, and procedures within the designated field
  • Effectively communicate with colleagues and the business regarding design and coordination services
  • Actively participate as a valued team member on various projects

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