8 Traits That Successful Engineers Show

With the rate at which new technologies are currently being developed, the IT industry remains in a perpetual state of flux. Tech companies that are able to adapt to the shifting technological landscape tend to grow and thrive, while organizations that remain fixed to the tools of the past run the risk of being left behind. As an extension of that phenomenon, it’s vital to the success of individual engineers to be able to continuously update their skillset and to be a fluid learner within their dynamic work environment. The responsibilities of the average IT engineer may, at times, feel monotonous, but the fact is that engineers must hone a broad array of skills – both technical and interpersonal – in order to achieve success.

What are the most important character traits for an engineer to possess in 2020?

1. Constant learner

New technologies can become essential for the engineer’s toolkit practically overnight. It’s crucial, therefore, for the modern engineer to be able to take the initiative and educate him or herself when trying to master new platforms or programs.

2. Detail-oriented

No one knows the truth behind the phrase the devil is in the details better than engineers. When you’re consistently working with and building code, it’s absolutely crucial to develop a hyper-attention to minute details.

3. Communicator

Discussing the more technical aspects of a project to your fellow engineers is one thing; breaking it down to clients and customers is quite another. Given the necessity for modern engineers to often work closely with people outside of their department, the ability to communicate complex information in layman terms is invaluable.

4. Determined and driven

It’s inevitable. Every engineer will – at one point or another – be faced with an obstacle that feels insurmountable or a technical problem that appears to be unsolvable. The successful engineer, however, is the one that views these occurrences as challenges to be overcome rather than as reasons to give up.

5. Collaborator

The modern engineer will frequently be required to work within a team setting. As a result, it’s vital for the success of the individual and of the team that each engineer understands the value of compromise, listening, patience, delegation, and teamwork.

6. Leader

An integral part of any engineer’s job description is encountering and resolving complex problems that even company executives may not be able to offer solutions to. When such technical problems present themselves, companies will frequently turn to their engineers to provide solutions. Consequently, it’s important for engineers to possess the confidence and motivation which will allow them to take the lead.

7. Analytical

At its core, engineering requires an ability to digest vast quantities of information, identify patterns, and finally to reorganize information or develop new patterns that will optimally serve the interests of the organization. In order to perform these duties effectively, engineers must constantly sharpen their analytical and data-processing capabilities.

8. Creativity

Lastly (but certainly not least), engineers must be able to think outside of the box. If an engineer’s methods become too fixed and rigid, he may struggle to adapt to the changing conditions of the industry in which he operates. By constantly updating his own skillset and daring to adopt unconventional modes of thought, on the other hand, he’ll be able to continuously innovate and meet the challenges of the future head-on.

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