How Can Leaders Build Accountability Within the Workforce?

Building accountability within the workforce is essential for creating high-performing teams. Employees must take ownership of making decisions, solving problems, and resolving issues.

Employees who take responsibility for their actions find ways to fix their mistakes. They learn what went wrong, how to improve, and how to do better next time.

Encouraging accountability in the workforce promotes trust among employees and leaders. This leads to greater autonomy, creativity, and innovation.

Accountability within the workforce means employees own their decisions, behaviors, and results. This improves employee engagement, performance, and productivity. It also increases job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention rates.

Leaders can implement these tips to build accountability within the workforce.

Set Team Goals  

Clarify what employees are working toward and how success will be measured. Ensure the goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

Include the objectives and key results for each goal. Making the goals trackable promotes accountability within the workforce.

Share how each employee’s role in attaining a goal impacts the organization. This clarifies employee expectations on both the individual and team levels.

Emphasize Accountability During Meetings

Use individual and team meetings to discuss ways to build accountability within the workforce. Consider asking employees the following questions:

  • What should we begin doing as a team?
  • Do you want more or less guidance from me on your work?
  • Are you receiving enough feedback, or is there an area where you desire more?
  • Do you feel you need more coaching or support in any part of your job?
  • How can we improve collaboration among our team?

Assign Action Items

Review each participant’s tasks and deadlines when concluding meetings. Then, email a summary of each action item, who is responsible, and when the deadline is.

When a deadline comes, follow up to determine whether the employee completed the task. Thank the employees who finish their tasks on time.

Talk with employees whose tasks are incomplete. Discuss the reasons why and how you can help. Take appropriate action to build accountability within the workforce.

Provide Constructive Feedback

Privately share with each employee examples of what they are doing well, what they can do better, and specific suggestions for improvement. Show that you care about the employee and want the best for them. Offer to help however you can.

Set up a time to check back with the employee about their performance. Determine whether they implemented your feedback or must take additional action. Proceed accordingly.

Lead by Example

Model the behavior you want to see from the workforce. This includes showing up on time for meetings, finishing tasks by the deadline, and admitting mistakes. Employees should follow suit.

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